Wapato's 35th Annual Cultural Unity Fair [VIDEO, PHOTOS]
On Thursday (March 30), students and staff at Wapato Middle School put on the 35th annual Cultural Unity Fair (CUF). The event brought in many people from the community, who formed lines at various food booths. Needless to say, everyone who showed up came with an empty stomach.
Annual Cultural Unity Fair is at Wapato Middle School.
The 35th Annual Cultural Unity Fair is tonight (March 30) at Wapato Middle School. This annual event features food from different cultures while students and staff provide the entertainment. They'll displaying different dance styles from Native American, Filipino, Mexican and other cultures.
Globetrotters are in town!
The Harlem Globetrotters are some of the best tricksters in basketball, and Yakima will get to see them Wednesday night (Feb. 17) at the Yakima Valley SunDome.
It's part of the Globetrotters World Tour 2016.
If you want tickets to see them do their thing at 7 p...