We know, we know, you want some Irish beer, Irish Whiskey, or an Irish Trash Bomb drink for St. Patrick's Day. But hey, Yakima Valley, let's think outside the O'Douls, okay!

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When I first moved to Yakima, my friends loved celebrating holidays at Pete's Nightclub (now Second Street Grill Restaurant). Wow, did people in Yakima know how to party back then! I couldn't even keep up! For some reason, the only drink my crew liked despite whatever holiday it was, was the ADIOS M-effer drink. Ha! Good times.

A few years later, I discovered that all the cool kids were actually celebrating St. Patrick's Day at McGuire's Irish Pub. I didn't even know that we HAD an Irish pub in Yakima. I was very excited to hang out there with my friends because we would always find someone to buy us drinks on the house! More good times! One year, I enjoyed Sunday brunch at McGuire's the day after St. Patrick's Day. One of the best brunches I've had in Yakima!

Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

Instead of drinking the stereotypical beer or whiskey drinks for St. Patrick's Day, try one of these Irish-themed drinks that I found searching around the internet being nosy!

Drunk Leprechaun:


Orange Juice

Blue Curaçao

Ireland flag
Photo by Alejandro Luengo on Unsplash
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St. Patrick's Day Melontini


Melon Liqueur

Irish Buttons
Natalie Scott via Unsplash
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Green Mimosas

Champagne (or Treveri Sparkling Wine)

Splash of Blue Curacao

Orange Juice (or get fancy and use Guava juice or Peach Nectar juice from those Jumex cans at the grocery store)

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