Cold is in the air, everywhere I look around.


I feel like I looked up and boom, it's just plain cold outside. Recently the fog has been thick in the Valley but as we get closer and closer to the 17th Annual Union Gap Old Town Christmas Parade on Sunday, December 13th, I have noticed the weather is showing snow!

accuweather screenshot
snow is in the forecast

Now I know that the weather is one of the most unpredictable things out there but it got me thinking about the prep, as you can see above we have a bit of time before the so-called snow days arrive so here are the top items you should have in your vehicle just in case!

  • An awesome snow scraper and some gloves. I've used my credit cards before and they work when the ice is very thin but those suckers will snap, no good. Get you a scraper and the gloves will make the entire experience much nicer
  • warm blanket - if for some reason you do get stuck somewhere, a blanket will be so nice to bundle up with while you wait
  • First aid kit - doesn't matter what the weather looks like, this is a must for any situation
  • Flashlight - it would be the worst to try and fix your car in the freezing cold and you can't see a dang thing, plus if for some reason you need to use it flag someone down, it's a lot brighter
  • jumper cables - again something you should have with you always...and also knowing how to use them

May your vehicle magically stay filled with gas, your hands manage to retain the heat during the chilliest of days and your belly stay full with the delicious treats of the season!

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