Fog was a major issue this morning.  In fact,. I was downright scared on my morning commute.  If it were a couple of years ago, I could have tagged along with my co-worker, who would often shuttle me to and from work.

Fast-forward to today.  My co-worker is on vacation.  I need to be at work.  no excuses.  It's just fog.  It wasn't freezing-fog, which is what I dearly dread.  I hate driving in the snow.  Ice is worse.

Years ago, I remember totally sliding past my driveway, and couldn't stop.  I've spun out and landed my dad's car in a Minnesota snowbank.

Winter weather is the reason I moved to the West Coast.  I attempted to move back to Minnesota last January for a job.  I lasted till June.  It's snowing in Minnesota as of this writing.  I don't miss it.  I can view photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Before I lose myself in a winter wonderland of Minnesota memories, I need to get to the reason for this post.  Safety. I was driving behind a vehicle with no tail lights this morning.  Seriously. The fog was so dense, I almost didn't see the car.  No joke.  And, I can't tell you how irked I get when I see cars on the road in inclement conditions NOT using their headlights.  What's the deal?

Please use your headlights and check every now and then to make sure your brake lights, and turn signal lights are working.

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