If you haven't seen The Watchmen on HBO, boy, are you in luck!

All weekend long, HBO has been offering this crime thriller for free. I remember when I first watched The Watchmen. From the very first few minutes of the very first episode, I was intrigued.

Don't worry, there aren't any spoiler alerts here. Here are some things I recommend you look out for, though.

  • Eggs: There is something special about eggs that is most noticeable in Episode #1 and the final two episodes.
  • The color Blue: Blue is supposed to represent "truth", "trust" and "faith".
  • Religious references: I wonder if The Watchmen is a nod to The Watchtower, which is the name of a religious magazine. One of the character's origins deals with The WatchtowerSquid: There will be LOTS of squid, that's all I'm going to say.

Here are some things that left me with questions:

  • I still do not understand the character of Lady Trieu.
  • Is Agent Blake a "good guy" or a "bad guy"?
  • How did Angela let herself get "fooled" by ____? (no spoilers)
  • What is up with all the time travel?!

In conclusion, I was so confused about everything with the Ozymandias and Dr. Manhattan storyline that I just gave up. I will have to rewatch The Watchmen. Good thing it's free on HBO!