Fun tribute bands playing in the Yakima Valley have always been a thing, but hearing that Depeche Mode and Talking Heads tribute bands were coming to town perked my ears right up! Finally, a tribute I can relate to!

The Gen X kid in me is squealing with delight because Depeche Mode is one of my favorite 90s punk bands. Policy of Truth (1990)

Talking Heads had huge hits in the 80s that were constantly on my lips, singing their greats like, Burnin' Down the House (1983)!

Enter Talking Heads tribute band, LDW, stage right!

Talking Heads Tribute Band, LDW at The Seasons
J-Fell Presents

"LDW is a dynamic jam band tribute that brings the iconic music of Talking Heads to life...Seamlessly blending infectious grooves, intricate arrangements, and stunning solos, LDW keeps fans dancing all night long." - LDW Band

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The Depeche Mode tribute band, Hiding From Love, will also perform at The Seasons on March 2nd.

Depeche Mode Tribute Band Hiding From Love at The Seasons
Hiding from Love

"Hiding From Love" is an electrifying Depeche Mode tribute band based in the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon. Known for their unwavering dedication to capturing the essence of Depeche Mode's iconic sound, "Hiding From Love" brings to life the legendary band's timeless hits and mesmerizing performances." - Hiding From Love Band


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