It's another scam rolling around Facebook and Costco seems to be the victim along with anyone who clicks on the link.

There is a new scam involving Costco giving away free groceries as the "Christmas Costco Food Giveaway". The offer says that you'll get a free box of groceries along with a $35 voucher and that it's Costco's birthday.

The scam has a photo of three guys along with a message from CEO "Craig Jelinekand" saying it's Costco's birthday and in celebration, they are giving away free food boxes and vouchers.

If you follow the link, it will take you to a poorly built website that will ask for your email, and then it will ask you to create a password and give your credit card to get your "free" spiffs.

You've seen a ton of these like the free RV and the tiny homes you can win. It's all scams to get your credit card information and identity. Don't fall for it!

If you continue on the website, the criminal impersonating Walter Craig Jelinek says:

“This is not a scam! Your Credit card is needed for verification! Why? As a prize recipient, once you have registered successfully, the prize will be sent within 30 minutes to your account"

Again, there is that old adage. If it seems too good to be true, I'm sure it is. Be careful and don't let yourself fall victim to this scam.

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