Drive-thru birthday caravans have become a wonderful thing here in the Yakima Valley. I remember like it was yesterday when the COVID pandemic shut everything down the third week of March 2020. I recall it clearly because it was the same weekend I had planned to throw my daughter, Willow, her 9th birthday party. I knew that there was no way we would be able to have any kids attend the party so I thought to myself, what if I asked the community to drive past our house on the corner of the street and people could just honk their cars and throw out gifts, balloons, and birthday cards.

I rang up my friend D. for advice on whether or not she thought I would get in trouble with the law for having a bunch of cars shutting down traffic on our street to wish Willow a happy bday. In the end, I decided not to risk it. I didn't want to end up in jail or with a big traffic ticket!

Looking back, I wish that I had gone with my initial gut reaction and had that dang drive-by bday party because now everybody is doing it! I saw that there was a story in Yak-Tri News a couple of months ago for a young teen boy, Joshua West. His little face lit up so brightly when he saw all of those cars and people stopping by just to wish him a happy pandemic birthday. That story warmed up my cold little heart!

Here is another story that is heartwarming and there is a call to action for you, Yakima Valley! Little Preston is having his 8th birthday drive-thru on Saturday, May 8th, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Please drive by and bring gifts, cards, or a balloon!

Preston's mom, Cassie, left a note for us here at the radio station to get the word out, so we are doing just that. We hope that Preston had the BEST bday ever!

"My son Preston has been fighting an uphill battle since birth. He's endured 2 major open-heart surgeries, multiple cardiac catheterizations, suffered from a stroke that left him unable to speak or eat, and survived septic shock. Last June, we received devastating news that due to Preston's complex heart conditions that there are no more medical treatments that can be done to prolong his life. He is currently on hospice care, and though I hope for a miracle that would save my little boy, this could possibly be his last birthday here with us. Please help me make this birthday one we can't forget. Thank you, Cassie."

WHAT: Prestons 8th Birthday "Drive-Thru Honk and Wave"

WHEN: Saturday, May 8th from 2-3 p.m.

WHERE: Wide Hollow Elementary, South 72nd Ave, and West Nob Hill Blvd

CONTACT: Cassie L Lucas, (509)952-8331

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