I remember it like it was yesterday, the year was 2006. Actually, no, I don't remember much about 2006 because that was fifteen (15) years ago! Time flies.

I do remember the Central Washington State Fair used to have some really out there themes each year and one of them was the "Wacky Yakky." Do you remember that one, too?

Check out this old television commercial for the "Wacky Yakky" from 2006. I found it on YouTube, isnt it hilarious!

This year the fair returns in September and I will have to go check their website (I like to use fairfun.com) to see if they have any ludicrous "catchy" themes. So far, there is nothing being mentioned for the 2021 theme, but I have a feeling they will be announcing it the closer we get to September.

The big fair is from September 24 thru October 3rd.

I just asked my daughter, Willow, what she likes the most about the state fair and she said, "the Ferris Wheel and the rollercoaster." When I asked her what her favorite fair food is, she said, "cotton candy!" I'll have to amke sure she gets to experience those things from her "childhood" this year.

The folks out at State Fair Park have been hanging in there since the pandemic struck last year. Did you get to attend the Spring Fair Food Drive-In thing they did last year? For me, it was a VERY long wait and VERY expensive (because I was poor at the time), but the food pretty was good. They are doing that event again this year out at State Fair Park but this time, I will be fully prepared: #1, I won't bring our family cat, Fluffy the Mayor, in the car, #2, I won't get there so late in the afternoon, and #3, I will not spend any more than $15 a person for myself and Willow!

I'm really looking forward to the fair this fall, though! I'm saving up my coins for it as we speak!

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