Top 5 Worst Old Washington Sayings from the Generation of Our Parents and Grandparents

If you grew up in Washington, you no doubt heard your parents and grandparents have certain sayings that stick with you to this day. Some of the old sayings from our parental figures are hilarious, some of them are unrepeatable, and others might even deserve to be passed on down to the next generation. Do you remember some of those old Washington sayings from your grandparents and parents?


It seems that there is a common thread amongst those locals that we asked to share some of those old Washington sayings with us. That common thread leads to the old generation putting a 'R' in the word Washington, making it pronounced, "Warshington." We have no idea where that came from because there has never been and never will be a spelling of our state with a big ole fat R!

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What are some old-time Washington sayings your parents and grandparents used to say?

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1. “It's Washington, not Warshington; there's no R in that word!” My Dads favorite! - Marta Wilson

2. "What in Sam Hill are you thinking?" - Ron Voss

3. "Let's DRAG the AVE!" - Jennifer Everts-Brooks

4. "Get your ti* in a wringer!" - Duey Scheibner

5. "The Yakima Valley is God’s Country." - Amber Nichole

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