Rarely do power tools make their claim as a legitimate musical instrument, but a video of a construction worker using a nail gun perfectly in sync with live music taking place nearby changes that notion entirely.

The most notable instance of a power tool being repurposed as an instrument in song came in 1992 when Georgia-based hard rock group Jackyl released their hit song, "The Lumberjack," which famously featured a chainsaw solo courtesy of singer Jesse James Dupree.

This time, it's just a bit different, as shown in the video below, which originally appeared on Reddit a year ago.

A shirtless man is seen bent over, nailing pink boards together to form a roof over a wooden outdoor structure. Adjacent to him is a musical ensemble (playing instruments typically heard in an orchestra) performing at an event where guests are seen wearing suits, which speaks to the more formal nature of the gathering.

In an effort to be the least disruptive as possible while discharging nails at an excessive volume, the construction worker carries on at a leisurely pace, ensuring each nail is placed in time with the music, to the delight of the guests, one of whom filmed the occurrence while laughing in disbelief.

If Slipknot ever want to expand their chaotic approach to percussion beyond oil drums and kegs, they may want to give this guy a call — he nailed it!

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