It will be a grim day, indeed, when Albertsons finally closes its doors. It was a store I remember going to as a child and I usually pop in about once a day to grab one or two things since it's on my way home. As they're closing out inventory, it got me thinking of what businesses could go in that location. Here's what I got.

  • QVC

    Although we have a few grocery options within a couple of miles of this location including Safeway, Wrays and Fred Meyer, I think Yakima is used to having a grocery store at that spot. I wouldn't mind an alternative to Albertsons. We don't have a QVC in our area, yet. QVC is, well, it's like any other grocery store. Great selection, nice bakery and more. It would be a great location and a welcome addition to Yakima

  • Chuck E. Cheese

    The closest Chuck E. Cheese we have is Tri-Cities and I'm not sure if you'd been there in a while, but it's pretty run-down. It'd be great to have a refreshed Chuck E. Cheese in that spot. We don't have a lot of attractions for kids in the center of town. We have Gymnastics Plus on Lincoln, Get Air near the highway, but not a Chuck E. Cheese.

  • Any Casual Dining Restaurant

    I'm a big fan of casual dining restaurants. Most of ours are in Union Gap which isn't fair to those who live near the west side of town. I think it'd be awesome seeing a Buffalo Wild Wings or a Famous Dave's in that spot. And, yes, I know there's a Jack in the Box there, but I've seen plenty of locations where there's casual dining and fast food in the same area.

  • Amazon Store

    I think it's high time we got an Amazon store. I was originally going to say Barnes and Noble, which would also be great, but Seattle's Amazon stores are like that but have more items like gadgets. It would draw a lot of attention, for sure.

  • Factory Outlet Stores

    Instead of one bigger store, they could break it down and create a stretch mall of individual outlet stores. Kind of like a mini-version of what they have in North Bend. They don't have to be very large, but just little shops for cooking supplies, shoes, greeting cards and more.

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