When I was growing up, my parents never really did too many things that were easy on the dollars. My brother and I always had the best of everything. I guess I was kind of a brat. But the older I have gotten, I look back on some of those things. My father never "took things in" to get fixed by someone else. He could fix anything, so he did it himself. That is one thing he did to save money. I guess that is why my brother and I always had nice things.I saw on Reddit some of the crazy things that parents have done to save money, like building up speed in a car and then coasting for a while to save on gas! That is hilarious!

When my daughter was growing up, there was a year when I had no money. Doing laundry cost about 40 bucks every single time. I used to hand-wash everything but the towels and pants. Talk about being a cheapskate!

What are some of the things that your parents did that were so crazy you couldn't believe it -- but which saved a few bucks?

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