It has been years since I really celebrated my birthday. They come and go, so it is no big deal to me. Kids' birthdays are the ones we pay the most attention. Well on Monday (June 26), I walked into a true celebration.

My whole desk was decorated with a big giant balloon and lots of candy in a candy fish bowl. I was astonished and amazed by the love people have for their coworkers. Working with people isn't easy sometimes and keeping a clear head about things is just as hard.

But no matter what you go through with people at your job, they all really do care. Almost everyone at the radio station said happy birthday and I was amazed. To make the day even better, our digital managing editor took me to lunch at Jack-son's Sports Bar and I had the BEST steak salad and root beer float ever.

Even though I am getting old, I had the best day at my job ever! They say working with people is a marriage. Good times and bad. But, the good times are always better than a real marriage.

Townsquare Media / Kelly West