A man told Kennewick Police that they owed him gas and then attempted to steal gas from a secure parking facility. 

In an unusual Kennewick Police incident, a man is now behind bars because he attempted to steal gas from a Kennewick Police Cruiser after claiming that KPD had stolen gas from him first.

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In a press release from the Kennewick Police, details of the incident are explained:

On 08/31/21, an officer received a call for service from Dustin Cook (31) advising that the fuel level in his vehicle was low and the Kennewick Police need to fill his gas tank.

The officer inquired about Cook’s location and provided directions to a nearby gas station. Cook thanked the officer for the information and disconnected the phone.

A short time later, Cook entered the front doors of the Kennewick Police Department.

He told the Kennewick Police Cadet at the counter that the police had stolen some gas from him, so he is going to jump the fence and steal gas from the Kennewick patrol vehicles.

Cook then climbing over the fence that leads into the Kennewick Police Department’s secured parking lot.

Cook was able to enter the parking lot by climbing over the fence.

Cook was quickly detained by officers. Cook had a one-gallon gas can and a siphoning hose on his person when detained. He also had a receipt for these items showing he had bought them minutes earlier. Cook was transported to the Benton County Jail for Burglary Second Degree.

Cook is now behind bars but I'm sure this was one of the more unusual incidents at the Kennewick Police Department. You can read more details about the incident here.

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