Today is the last day to enter the Million Dollar Bracket Challenge brought to you by Yakima Steak Company!

I have made my picks, but to be honest, I don't follow college basketball (or football), so all my picks are random guesses--except for Michigan and Duke, because I have been rooting for Duke and Michigan since 1992! Since I'm from Nashville, TN, you would think that I would be rooting for the Vanderbilt Commodores before the others, but I only root for Vandy as my backup choice.

Good luck! I hope your picks get you the grand prizes including that gorgeous 55-inch TV and the $100 gift card to Yakima Steak Company! Remember if you choose 60 or more games, you win $10,000 and if you guess EVERY game (63 games total) in the NCAA basketball championship, you win ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Woo hoo!

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