Do you know how many times Jeopardy! has had questions about Tri-Cities?

Growing up, Jeopardy! was a constant. I would watch the show after dinner with my parents, and like you probably did, try to beat the contestants to the answer. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I started streaming older episodes of Jeopardy! on Netflix. Just like I did as a kid, I tried to beat the contestants. The biggest difference was I was now competing with my wife as well. There was a sense of security watching Jeopardy! again. It's like eating your favorite comfort food or putting on your favorite sweater. Alex Trebek was a huge part of that.

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I had such a hard time imagining Jeopardy! without Alex Trebek. He'd been the host my entire life. He was a constant, a guarantee, a given. He was witty, gracious, and could body you with a subtle roast. As great as the guest hosts have been (I especially loved Aaron Rodgers), it's still hard to wrap my head around Jeopardy! without Alex Trebek.

Tri-Cities is on the map.

It was always extra rewarding to catch an episode where Tri-Cities was part of the quiz. I'm proud of my hometown and I'm glad when we get noticed, even if it's a bit surreal. We have a lot of history here and history buffs love to dig into it. I'd say quiz yourself and see how many you can get right, but you will definitely ace all of them.

Every Time Jeopardy! Asked a Question About Tri-Cities

The rich history of Tri-Cities, Washington has been a focus over the years on Jeopardy!

Maybe you were watching the show one night and caught one of the many times Tri-Cities was brought up by the legendary Alex Trebek. From Kennewick Man to Hanford, this is every time Jeopardy! asked a question about Tri-Cities.

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