The Central Washington State Fair is underway, and there have been some really amazing things going on. I had deep fried Oreos! I didn't think I would like them but they were quite spectacular.

On my way to fair the other day, though, I got stuck behind the water truck that was watering down the dirt back roads.

At first I thought I could pass him, but he was taking up pretty much the entire road. So instead of passing him I embraced it. And he turned that water ip full blast!

I got right underneath that thing and the station vehicle got a really nice wash. However the tires and the undercarriage look like I went mudding!

When I finally got around him we both stopped and I said hey thanks for the wash. He had no idea I was behind him! That's the part that was even more hilarious!

Don't forget to go to the fair. Let's party!

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