I'm all for people that are inventive. People who have the smarts, ambition, and TIME to go and create something amazing. I've shared stories about people who have invented things like the "Mask Gun" or the "Baby Burping Robot" or the "At Home Surgery Machine" or even the "Roomba That Cusses"! So I'm all for the entrepreneurs, and if I can help out, pretty sweet, just remember the little guys (or in my case, the not so little guy) when you're rich and powerful! Now I think my generosity and helpfulness might have made me a target for a dumb scam.

What Happened To Timmy?

Simply enough, I got a text just before noon on Tuesday (1/4/22) from a guy named Carl. I know about 8 different people named Carl, and the phone number (1-313-597-8633) was not saved in my phone. So I read it, and was intrigued.

"Timothy, Carl here, I hope your day is going well. I heard you are trying to get rid of a prop in Yakima? I'm searching for one or 2 ASAP." - Carl

Now, whether he was asking about a "prop" that I had left over from my days with Manic Thunder Improv, or something "craft related" that my wife has been trying to sell on-line, I didn't want to just dismiss my good old/new pal Carl. So I replied back with a simple "?" Sadly, no reply. Figured it was a scam, or maybe Carl was busy working on his "Carrot Top of Yakima" routine. Who knows?

Later That Evening!

I then, almost 7 hours later, I get another text message, from Carl I assume. He's looking to up his prop game and has gone head strong into investing! After reading this one, I'm for sure this is a scam.

Hi I'm an investor looking to do some deals in the market. Are you looking to sell your property? If Yes, I am interested in buying it. - Carl The Investor

I did google the phone number, but of course, nothing really came back except that Carl might be from Detroit. I always felt like Washington could t be the state of opportunity, but I think Carl should bug someone else. If he does bother you... just ignore him... unless you have extra props you want someone to invest in!



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