I was just discovering music in 1985 and I liked lots of different music and performers. But nothing spoke to me personally until I heard "Broken Wings" wafting from a boom box.
That's when I became Richard Page's biggest fan. You might not know his name, but you know his music.
Mr. Mister exploded onto the scene in late '85 and dominated 1986 with several hits.
I was a poor kid, so I had to wait three singles in to buy the album "Welcome To The Real World." But after "Kyrie" and "Is It Love" --- I knew no band would write the soundtrack of my life like Mr. Mister so I ran out and spent $6.99 at the local PayLess Drug Store.

Mr. Mister enjoyed a huge burst of popularity in 1986 and then faded from the limelight quickly, but their two songs -- "Broken Wings" and "Kyrie" -- remain '80s classics. "Broken Wings" was even featured in a recent "Alexa" TV commercial.

Richard Page went on from Mr. Mister to writing songs for Celine Dion, Hall and Oates, BB Mak, Meatloaf, Josh Groban and even Simon Cowell. He also co-wrote a No. 1 hit for Madonna called "I'll Remember."

Flash Forward "32" years. I'm still a huge fan, but now I've been fortunate enough to interview and hang with Richard Page on several occasions.

RP Day 2014

Richard Page is now touring in Ringo's All-Star Band, not because he has to, but because he wants to hang out with a Beatle. It's a nice cherry on top of a great musical career that has spanned several decades -- and hopefully will continue for many more decades to come.
Happy birthday, Richard Page!

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