Happy Valentine's Day!

Did you get flowers at work? A barber shop quartet sing-a-gram? Surprise gift basket left on your desk?

If so, count yourself lucky!

What nickname do you have for your lover or spouse? There are many couples who have sweet nicknames for each other. The other day, I saw a Facebook post someone had written as a tribute to his wife of fourteen years. He referred to his wife by the name "Pookie". I felt my face crinkle up with confusion. "Who is POOKIE?!" I said to myself. I finally scrolled up and saw that the post was about my friend RoShawn. "Aha," I thought out loud. "Her nickname is POOKIE!"

I have never had a special nickname given to me, but when I was growing up, my dad always called my mom "Puddin". (Everybody else called her by her real name, "Jan".)

if I were allowed to choose my own special nickname, it would have to be something I wouldn't mind being called in the middle of a crowded place, something like the time-tested and quite generic, "Babe". It may be simple, but I really like that nickname!

Here are some really bad suggestions, brought to you by the Twitter hashtag, #BadNicknamesForLovers.

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