If you have ever thought about becoming a professional makeup artist, now's your chance!

Evergreen Beauty College is hosting an registration to get a certification in professional makeup artistry. There's only three spots left for the class and you must apply by Saturday, March 10th! For more information, call (509) 960-7740.

I used to be a makeup artist prior to starting my career in radio broadcasting. I had taken cosmetology classes for four years during high school, so I was acquainted with applying makeup. When I was in my mid-twenties, I worked in a department store beauty department for Interface Cosmetics. I was hired as a beauty counter manager and eventually worked my way up to getting hired as the Nashville, TN, beauty branch manager over five mall locations.

I had decided that I wanted to become a famous makeup artist like Sam Fine, Bobbi Brown, Pat McGrath, and Kevin Aucoin. My dream was to attend the Westmore Academy of Cosmetics in Burbank, CA, which trained many makeup artists who went on to work in the entertainment industry. (It is now permanently closed, unfortunately.)

My skills in makeup artistry became so good that teenagers would show up at mall counters requesting me to do their makeup for proms. A local Nashville gospel show celebrity even asked to quit my day job and become her personal makeup artist for her national gospel television show (I passed her up on that offer, she was too "preachy" for me).

I eventually quit the makeup industry altogether (due to the severely disorganized and emotionally abusive upper management I had to endure behind the scenes). Nevertheless, I was still an excellent makeup artist! If I had some extra time (and the cash), I would sign up for this certification right away!

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