What started off as a hobby has led to West Valley native, Raychel Roll, to having over sixteen thousand followers on her professional Instagram page within one year of creating it. This is quite impressive and inspiring!

RaydiatebyRachel showcases the magnificent makeup looks that Raychel has created over the past seven years. She is a self-taught makeup artist and only in her early 20's ,but Raychel is quickly making a big splash for herself on social media. Raychel was recently a contestant in NGM Modeling's "Makeup Wars" contest on YouTube, where she created a Spiderman lizard out of makeup, incorporating an optical illusion. Her talent is outrageous and undeniable.

I was a makeup artist in a previous career so I know how much creativity, talent and hard work it takes to become the best of the best, especially if one aspires to be in the special effects makeup industry. Raychel seems to be on that path, in my not-so-humble opinion!

The Yakima Herald reports that Raychel held her first public makeup art experience with face-painting at the corn maze in Union Gap this past weekend, which was perfect for the Halloween-ready crowd.

I have never met or spoken to Raychel Roll, but I have a strong feeling that she will end up becoming a powerhouse in the television and film special effects makeup industry in the near future. Just you wait!

Watch Raychel create her Spiderman Lizard look below:

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