The Central Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is hoping to inspire you to come get your COVID shot before the end of June.

If you weren't already aware, they are hosting vaccine clinics throughout the week, hoping that families and workers who are not able to attend other local vaccines will be able to make it to one of theirs.

Now I'm going to use Google Translate to flip this message into Spanish:
Si aún no lo sabía, están organizando clínicas de vacunas durante la semana, con la esperanza de que las familias y los trabajadores que no pueden asistir a otras vacunas locales puedan asistir a una de las suyas!

attachment-Spanish - Vacuante y apoya a nuestra pequenas empresas (1)

I hope that translated correctly, sometimes Google is trippy! I find it important to include a Spanish translation wherever I can and whenever applicable. It not only allows for the Yakima Valley to be more inclusive but also, one should always read the room!

It is also very important to help support our local businesses during this pandemic crisis and the CWHCC is there for our community to help encourage everyone to remain safe and as COVID free as possible. To this effort, they have partnered up with local nonprofits and businesses along with state grants (Washington Department of Commerce) to offer pop-up vaccine clinics at locations about town during hours when more individuals and families can attend. Giving out educational direction to those who might feel hesitant to get a vaccine is also part of the CWHCC quest.

One fun way to help encourage our Latinx family, friends, neighbors, and business owners to come get their coronavirus shots is with a little bit of moohlah in the form of a VISA gift card! These treats are worth $50 a pop!

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