As the state as well as our city continue to open up, more and more in person events are happening. Things are going back to the "original normal". Something I prefer much more than the "new normal". That being said, many things that took place during the pandemic, there were a great idea was online events. It was a great way to not only social distance & stay safe, but the convenience level was outstanding! Anyone who has little ones know how much of a hassle, even going to the store can be, let alone finding something entertaining and educational for the kids. Thankfully, the Yakima Valley Libraries had us covered during the pandemic, and are still keeping us educated, informed, & entertained even now when we're opening up!

A couple of the events that the YVL are coming up with in the next two weeks and are sure to be a big hit with the young and old alike! On July 7th, you can learn all about Washington State's ecosystem with educators from the Burke Museum of Natural History with a free online Zoom class. The "All About Ecosystems" virtual session is live and will be going on from 3p till 4p, and is intended for grades 2nd through 8th. More info & pre-registration here.

If you missed the "Zookeeper for a Day" event that happened last month, never fear because you'll get another chance on July 13th. This all age event teaches you how to care for animals at a zoo, thanks to the zookeepers from "Woodland Park Zoo"! More info & pre-registration here.

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Last but not least (for now), if current day animals aren't your thing, maybe you'd like to take a virtual visit and dig for animals from the past."Discover Dinosaurs" will be an online workshop with the amazing educators from the Burke Museum of Natural History. See casts of real dinosaur fossils and learn the to spot the ancient creatures! This free event, intended for ages 3-7, will be happening on July 14th with a repeat session on the 15th. More info & re-registration here.


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