With over 8,000 episodes aired, it's not a surprise Tri-Cities has had a few moments on Jeopardy!, but when we did some digging, we were impressed with how rich that history is.

So, here we go. This is a comprehensive list of EVERY time your hometown was mentioned on America's favorite quiz show, courtesy of the J! Archive.

Washington State for $400

During WWII, most of the workers in Richland, Wash. were working on this, though few of them knew it

Answer: the atomic bomb

Episode aired on April 5, 1988

American History for $500

In 1943 the U.S. built a nuclear energy center, the Hanford Works, in this state

Answer: Washington

Episode aired on May 22, 1996

Archeology for $500

Kennewick Man, discovered in 1996 in this state, has sparked a custody battle between Native Americans & scientists

Answer: Washington

Episode aired on Febuary 11, 2000

U.S. Regions for $1,2000 (Daily Double)

It's what PN stands for in PNNL, a national laboratory in Richland, Washington

Answer: Pacific Northwest

Episode aired on November 29, 2001

U.S. Geography $1,000 (Daily Double)

This river joins the Columbia near Pasco, Washington, a little more than 1,000 miles from its source in Wyoming

Answer: the Snake River

Episode aired on October 27, 2004

Nuclear Energy for $400

In 1944 the world's first plutonium production reactor went online at Hanford in this Northwest state

Answer: Washington 

Episode aired on February 5, 2010

U.S. Bodies of Water for $400

This "serpentine" river joins the Columbia River near Pasco, Washington

Answer: Snake

Episode aired on April 22, 2014

A Nation of National Labs for $800

This 2-word region of the country is on the name of a national lab in Richland, Washington

Answer: Pacific Northwest

Episode aired on October 26, 2015

Science Update for $1,000

Kennewick Man, an 8,500-year-old discovery in this western state, is indeed related to Native Americans, who claim him

Answer: Washington

Episode aired on April 25, 2016

Rivers for $400

The Snake joins this river just south of Pasco, Washington

Answer: the Columbia

Episode aired on January 26, 2018

Washington State History for $2,000

The world's first production plutonium reactors were at this site that still has a lot of cleanup to do

Answer: Hanford

Episode aired on March 19, 2018

Beastly North American Geography for $10,600 (Daily Double)

This river is the largest tributary of the Columbia, which it joins near Pasco, Washington

Answer: the Snake

Episode aired on November 14, 2019

National Historic Parks (Final Jeopardy! Round Clue)

Established in 2015, the Manhattan Project National Historical Park has sites in Hanford, Washington; Los Alamos, N.M. & this Tennessee city

Answer: Oak Ridge

Episode aired on December 11, 2019

And as a bonus, Matthew Mitchell from Richland was a contestant on Jeopardy! on July 26, 2006. At the time, he was a tutor at Stevens Middle School.

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