I've not really traveled much during the coronavirus times (as one should not be), but when I do, I love going on long road trips.

The other weekend, my daughter and I had to make a super quick trip up to Tacoma to take care of some family business, and I noticed the travel alert signs said, "MINIMIZE TRAVEL". You don't have to tell me twice!

Now that Yakima County is in Phase 1.5, I feel a lot better about hitting the road and going sightseeing outdoors. That is why I was very happy to see that Washington state parks are giving us two extra days to enjoy them, FOR FREE!

This means that on Sunday, September 13th and Saturday, October 10th, we can mozy on over to any of Washington's beauteous state parks without having to have one of those fancy Discover Passes. (If you do want to purchase one, it's not really that expensive; it will run you about $30 for an annual pass and $10 for the daily one.)

King 5 News reports that we are being given these two extra free days to make up for park closures due to the coronavirus.

If you are new to town and aren't familiar with a Discover Pass, it's what you can use to go camping, fishing, boating, floating, watch wildlife, and otherwise do some gallivanting all across the state.

I just noticed on the Discover Pass website that the date of September 13th also happens to be their "make up" day for Girl Scouts Love State Parks Weekend! My kiddo, Willow, is a Girl Scout, so I'm going to make some plans now to take her on an epic Washington State Park adventure!

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