Scientists hope that within the next 3 years, we may have a cure for cat allergies! No, not some type of a new pill for us humans to take. No, not some type of shampoo to scrub your feline friend. A shot! No, not a drink, but the needle kind! No, not for you, but for your fuzzy companion.

A report, courtesy of the Daily Mail, talks about how scientists have been in development for the "HypoCat" vaccine, which would be administered to the kitty. The vaccine works by by neutralizing the protein, Fel-d1, which is the one that is mainly located in the cats fur & skin. That's the one that causes us humans all the allergy trouble. The HypoCat triggers the cat's own immune system to produce antibodies that will attack & destroy the Fel-d1 protein.

So far, in testing at a Swiss hospital, all 54 cats injected went on to produce the correct antibodies. This looks to be great and amazing news for cat lovers, "Cat-chelors", as well as animal shelters world wide! Until then, enjoy these pictures of cats.

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