I don't know about you, but the month of January left me feeling like so STRESSED OUT, like I had just aged 84 years.

There were many days last month where I felt hopeless, gloomy and doomy. Now that we are in February (the month of LOVE), take this important reminder from me to FORCE yourself to take some self-love measures. I have already had two ME TIME moments and it has helped me keep on keepin' on with a genuine smile on my face as much as possible.

What do you like to do for ME TIME? I'm not talking about taking a long, hot bath with some candles and a glass of vino. I'm not talking about sneaking in the kitchen to eat a bunch of chips and drink a can of your fave beverage. I'm not even talking about getting in an extra nap on the weekends.

I'm talking about the kind of self-care activity that nourishes your soul. For me, those activities include watching a new mystery TV show on my Britbox, going out to see a movie or spending time with friends. Another great option is to talk to a therapist. If your insurance doesn't cover a therapist or if you don't have any insurance, there are some online options you could try, such as Talk Space or Better Help. There might even be some free online therapy services you could try here.

Here's what I have recently done (and plan to do) to find some ME TIME:

  • I held my breath and made the decision to purchase a Britbox subscription because I love British TV. I discovered the show, Vera and I'm already on Season 3! I love screaming at the TV who I think is the "killer" (I am usually right about half the time!)
  • I still haven't seen Bad Boys for Life (Will Smith and Martin Lawrence make me laugh so hard). I've heard the movie is really good. I need to carve out some time to go to the movies, but I've been pretty busy with my job, my daughter's girl scouts meetings, trying to study for my real estate college classes, and volunteering with the local YWCA and the schools foundation.
  • I took some time out the other day to pay for a babysitter so that I could go to a friend's Bunco party! That was so much fun meeting new friends, hanging out with the old ones and eating up all the food. Shout out to Abby for hosting the bunco party at her home. If you don't know how to play Bunco, watch this video.

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