So you like to drink. You like to sleep. You like your pillow. If you have ever slept on a waterbed, chances are... you liked it. Thanks to the fine folks at BeerGoals, they've attempted to combine all of those things listed above into the perfect pillow for the drinker on the snooze. Or an extra treat for your loved one this Valentine's Day. If by chance, you're going it solo this Valentine's day, this Beer Pillow will help you drink & sleep your sadness away. Although, to think about it, if you are using a beer pillow, that might be a sign of why you're alone on Feb. 14th. Thanks to the crew at BeerGoals, you get a step by step video of how to make your very own Beer Pillow! Make date night into craft night... craft like making stuff and like drinking stuff too! Check the video out below.

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