How Does the Yakima Valley Get Its News? A Tribute to News Media

How do you get your news? If you live in the Yakima Valley there are a handful of places to get local news: print, television, radio/digital media, and the new popular kid on the block, social media.

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Living in the Yakima Valley means being aware of our hometown papers like the Sunnyside Sun or the Yakima Herald.

You might read other business newspapers like Yakima Valley Business Times or news mags like Yakima Magazine (published by the Yakima Herald).


Some of our local Yakima Valley TV stations mix in Tri-Cities news stories. I sometimes find that annoying especially when i just want to hear about Yakima Valley stuff, but I suppose it is still helpful to know what is going on with our neighbors to the east.

  • Fox 41
  • KIMA


We work diligently behind the scenes outside of our morning, midday, and other daypart shows to dig up the scoop to share with you on the radio. It's not just about giving you the music you want to hear, it's also talking about what's going on in our local communities!

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Raise your hand if you get wind of local Yakima Valley news stories from seeing someone post about it on social media first? There are popular Facebook groups filled with people who see things happen with their own two eyes so they share the news on their personal pages or affiliate groups. Then somebody in the news media notices it and decides to cover that story in the news. Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter feeds are another source we use to mine for local Yakima Valley news.


Back in the olden days we used this thing called a "rotary phone". You stuck your fingers on a number and dialed up somebody to tell them the latest gossip. Sometimes that gossip got into the wrong (or right) hands and it got coverage in the "papers' or on the 6 o'clock news. You may have heard that funny old saying, "Tell a woman, telephone, tell a friend!"


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