It feels like it's been a whole month since the country got hit by the polar vortex. This stuff isn't planning on letting up on us any time soon, in fact, our southwestern neighbors in Texas are dealing with the worst of it. Millions have been without power for days, grocery stores have been running out of food, roofs have been collapsing, and pipes have been freezing over in homes. Many residents out there have been shocked to see some of their elected officials jetsetting off to warmer countries while the rest of their state deals with the special hell of the snowpocalypse (looking at you, Cancun Cruz).


Even though we are blessed with weatherized power sources in Washington state, it's too late to get prepared for the inevitable power outage during the coldest of weather.

There are a few hacks I have tucked away in my hat plus one that I found online that might help you make it through a cold day without electricity (if you are not lucky enough to have a generator). What heating hacks do you know? Here are three of mine:

1. Add a blanket on top of the floor where you rest your feet. That floor is as cold as ice, so putting a blanket (or extra clothing you don't need) on top of the floor keeps your toes from freezing up through your socks.

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2. Use some old clothes to "weatherstrip" your front and back doors and windows. I once lived in an apartment where my bed was right next to the patio door. During the coldest of winter nights, I would use one of my old pajama pants to seal up the door. It miraculously kept that frigid air out of my room and kept it feeling many degrees warmer. (I believe it helped that the material was flannel.)

Keep Cold Air Out With a Blanket, Towel, or Old Clothes
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3. Sleep covered up in fleece blankets. I bought a few fleece blanket materials from JoAnn Fabrics (3702 Tieton Dr, Yakima) right before Christmas. I had planned to turn them into some "no-sew" blankets as Christmas presents, but wouldn't you know it, I never had the time nor the energy to do all that measuring and tying strips into knots. I have about 4 different fabrics floating around the house that I have since turned into my own blankets to keep warm during this polar vortex. I would say the difference I feel between sleeping with a fleece blanket wrapped around me is about 10-20 degrees warmer than I would be if I was sleeping without it. Go get you some!

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