I'm not a world traveler, but I do fly out to other cities pretty regularly. I just got an email from Alaska Air letting me know about some great deals to fill some seats in the midst of the COVID-19 scare. If you're safe and comfortable, there are some deals that might be too tempting to pass up on.

First and foremost, Yakima to Seattle is only $49. If you happen to live closer to Tri-Cities, that's no problem as Alaska will fly you out of Pasco to Seattle for the same price. Just $49 to save you the headache of driving to Seattle. What a deal! It costs me about that much in gas to drive to Seattle. However, once you're in Seattle, by flight or by car, there are lots of other options. Here are just a few that caught my eye.

Flying from Seattle via Alaska Air:
Atlanta, GA - $89
Chicago, IL - $89
Dallas, TX - $89
Denver, CO - $59
Las Vegas - $59
New York / Neward - $99
Cancun - $219
Maui - $119

There's a lot more, too. Check out Alaska Air's website for more. You can even fly from Seattle to Portland for $25. That's insane.

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