February is the "Love" month, so it is only fitting that we love our local school bus drivers. National School Bus Drivers week is now until Feb 17.
When I was a kid, I lived 16 miles out of the town where my school was. The winters we had in Wyoming were far worse than what we usually get in the Yakima Valley. There was always at least a foot of snow on the roadways due to the fact that the snowplow drivers couldn't keep up.

Not until later did I realize that I am alive today because we had such amazing bus drivers. There were countless times that we should have been dead, but the bus driver saved the day.

Such is the case in the Yakima Valley -- especially this year. We have had a challenging winter in Washington, and we have heard about a lot of accidents. I have yet to hear of one that involves our school buses, though. Good job, Yakima Valley, Ellensburg and all the school bus drivers around Washington!

Thank you for keeping our kids safe this crazy winter.

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