Where Can You Get Your Hair Braided in Yakima?

It is infuriating to find out that there is not enough beauty salons in Yakima or in Central Washington where an African American person can get their hair braided, flat twisted, or crochet loc'd by a licensed professional. If you know of a stylist that works at a local salon that can do any of these services for African American hair textures, please let me know. I only know of Aubrey at Salon Sapphire. I've heard a guy named Roman can do them but he only works a few days a week and is already booked up solidly for his other clients.


I had a hair emergency this week when the person who was supposed to do my hair cancelled on me at the literal last second. This person is a stylist who drives all the way from Oregon, just to do hair for people in Yakima because there is not a Black Hair salon we can go to. I called the only salon in town I know of that braids and guess what, the lady had JUST left for a two-week vacation. Frantic, I sent a message to my friend in Richland who does hair and guess what, SHE is out of town on vacation. The next closest beauty salon that can help me is either drive all the way to PASCO or drive all the way to SEATTLE.


I went to my Plan C: the DIY method. I watched a whole bunch of videos on how to do the hair style I wanted by myself. The only problem is, I don't know how to cornrow my hair properly. I mean, I can do an okay job on my daughter's hair, but it definitely doesn't look professional. LOL.

I practically begged a friend of mine to come to my house and help cornrow my hair and then I will do the rest of the hairstyle myself.


I wish that Washington state cosmetology schools and barber schools would teach all students how to cornrow and flat twist African Americans' hair because this is getting exhausting not being able to find a backup stylist in the entire area of Central Washington.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm heading back to YouTube to find a video on how to do the rest of the hairstyle I'm to to get. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk, hahaha!

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