Yakima Police are investigating a homicide reported Thursday night in the 1300 block of West King Street. Officers were called to the area because of a report of shots fired. When they arrived they found a 33-year-old man from Yakima wounded in a parking lot. Police identified the man as 33-year-old Daniel Bridges. Paramedics tried to help him but police say Bridges died at the scene. Yakima Police Capt. Jay Seely says "at this point it appears Mr. Bridges was the targeted victim of the attack."

Detectives are hoping tips lead to an arrest

Detectives with the department's Major Crimes Division are working to find a suspect or suspects trying to figure out a motive in the shooting. Police aren't saying if the shooting was related to local gangs but Seely says "there is no known threat to public safety."
Like many other shootings in Yakima authorities know someone knows something that could help police make an arrest.

Yakima Police are still investigating a homicide reported in June

Yakima Police are also investigating a homicide reported June 21 that took the life of a 32-year-old man from Yakima. The man killed has been identified as Juan Carlos Zavala a known Yakima gang member.
Authorities say two rival gang members opened fire on Zavala as he was fixing a tire on his vehicle at the Rocky Mart mini-mart at 1003 West Nob Hill Blvd.
Police are hoping for tips that could lead them to an arrest but with most gang related shootings they know arrests are rare and the possibility of a rival shooting is highly likely in the near future. If you can help police with either shooting contact Yakima Police at 575-6200 or Yakima County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-248-9980.

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