This past weekend, I was treated to a stay at a resort in the Puget Sound peninsula. There was pampering everywhere, the drinks were flowing, and I was transported to a tranquil getaway that happened to have one of my favorite things in the world--a HOT TUB.

Before the COVID pandemic shut everything down, I had purchased a membership for my daughter to the new YMCA Aquatic Center. She would splash about making new friends in the pool and the slide, whilst I had my "mini-vacation" a few yards away in the adjacent HOT TUB. I relished in every hot tubby moment, letting the jet streams take all my cares and fears away with just a few pulses and super hot water. I had a gym membership at the Yakima Athletic Club and the only time I ever used it was to go straight to the hot tub and sauna, and nothing else! It's what's called the "C-Suite Executive Workout." I am definitely not the C-Suite type (yet) but I definitely love to live that kind of lifestyle!

With the aquatic center and my gym closed for over a year, I have yearned for my best friend (the HOT TUB). Being without it was like having a little piece of my heart was closed down with every passing day. I no longer had my sanity-restorer available to me and believe me, I felt out of place.

Many days since March 2021 have found me muttering to myself, "I wish I had my HOT TUB back!" I have a friend who has a hot tub in her patio. She invites me over for play dates but she has not one time invited me over to hang out in her HOT TUB! Wha's up with that?!

I was venting about this to a friend of mine this afternoon and she goes, "Why don't you look on Amazon and see if they have one of those PORTABLE HOT TUBS?"

A light bulb has gone off in my head. Why haven't I thought of this sooner? Better yet, why haven't I discovered any local Yakima hotel rooms that have a HOT TUB SUITE?

If you find out about any, please let me know so that I can get my life back on track! Thank you in advance!

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