Come celebrate Legends Casino's 25th anniversary party! They are bringing the legendary Smokey Robinson to Toppenish!

You can see Smokey Robinson make your mee-maw scream and your pawpaw slap his good knee. You can also see some of us younger aunties and uncles getting our swerve on as we jam out to legendary Smokey Robinson hits like, "One Heartbeat", "I Second That Emotion", and "Being With You."

OH SNAP! "Being With You" Made the Ladies swoooooon back in 1981!


Now, you already know, the fellas used to drive around the block blasting "One Heartbeat" on the speakers in their Ford Escorts trying to woo the single ladies.

57th Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2003
Getty Images

PSST: Hey, friend, hey! I just looked at the seating map for tickets to the SMOKEY ROBINSON show at LEGENDS CASINO, and they are almost sold out!

So basically, if you want to...

  • WINE
  • DINE
  • WOO

YOUR BUNS OFF on Saturday, May 13th...

...just enter to win a comp pair of tickets on the house from Legends Casino Hotel or buy your own here.

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