A Yakima company is transforming empty storage containers into housing units that are being used around the world, including remote parts of Alaska.

The vice president of Modular Transportable Housing, Stacy Stoltenow, says the company builds "camps" for companies that need housing for workers in areas where no housing exists. And he says once the containers are finished, they're connected together to provide people with everything they need to enjoy remote living.

The containers are totally refurbished and converted into bedrooms, work areas, kitchens, bathrooms and showers. The containers are then trucked to the west side of the state and placed on barges for transport to remote locations in Alaska and other parts of the world. And all the work is happening right here in Yakima. Another example of people doing great things in the Yakima Valley!

Modular Transportable Housing is at 21 W.  Viola Ave. in Yakima. Call 248-8616.