Would you drink beer made out of sewage water? My answer is absolutely not. I do not care how "treated" the water is, just knowing it had been through someone's bowels is enough to say no to the beer!

I am usually pretty gutsy when it comes to stuff like this. I love tasting different things and combining different foods. But, beer made from sewage water? Heck no!

Stone Brewery in San Diego just made a beer that is made out of sewage water. Apparently, they are the ninth largest brewery in the nation. I would love to stop at their place just to see what they look like. Anyone who says, "Hey, let's make beer out of sewage water" has to be a little whacked out.

I will stick with our local Yakima Valley breweries. Every single one of them from Yakima to Ellensburg to Zillah have awesome beer, and they are not made out of sewage water! Thank God!

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