Plenty of laws has gone into effect since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some that were forgotten are now taking effect in 2022. Some of these laws are more about the beautification of Washington and less about the pandemic.

Let me elaborate on what we're talking about here. Cell phone towers are all over the country. A lot of people consider them to be an absolute eyesore, especially when they're being placed smack dab in the middle of their neighborhood.

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So now they're hiding them in playing sight keeping everyone none the wiser. In Flordia, Cellphone towers are designed to look like palm trees in order to hide them. Even Arizona is doing something similar making their towers look like cactus's so go figure Washington would do something similar.

The other day I was strolling into work when I noticed a team of men in a bucket truck taking down a tree, or so I thought. Instead, they were inserting branches in what looked like a fur tree that had been stripped and ready to be cut down.

Slowly over the hours, more and more branches were added until the faux tree was complete leaving everyone to believe that's all it was. Now plans are in effect to continue doing the same to cell phone towers all over Washington, at least in the highly populated areas. Soon Cell phone towers won't be recognizable and be hidden in playing sight. Curious to whether or not they look legit? Check out the photos below!

faux tree 4
Faux tree 3
Construction on cell phone tower
Putting the top on
Faux tree 2
faux tree cell phone tower
faux tree

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