Apple unveils a new phone every year or so it seems like, but the latest reveal was a much-needed step in the right direction, with new updates to the iPhone and camera this makes it a worthwhile upgrade if you're looking to move from android to iPhone now, maybe a perfect time.

Now what does it take to get your hands on one, that's another story entirely with them being in back order and people buying them up as fast as possible. But this is one way you can get the new iPhone 13 pro, but you'll have to be patient.

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The other day we headed into T-Mobile to see what it would take to get the new iPhone, surprisingly they made it super easy. Whether you have a phone you want to trade in or you wanna buy the phone outright the T-Mobile customer service will walk you thru the steps to order the phone and send it straight to your home or for you to pick it up in-store. Now the order time does cause you to be patient before getting the new phone.

Before ordering it they let me know it would be about a month wait before it would reach my home, but when you consider how much high demand there is for these phones it makes sense, and waiting a month is nowhere near as bad as having to wait until after December when they might have them stocked.

By ordering it now you don't have to pay a dime until it's shipped and if you have a trade-in it'll be even less, head over to T-Mobile or your mobile provider to order one today.

for more info on the iPhone 13 Pro check out the video below.

To order the iPhone 13 pro follow the link here!

Order iPhone 13 Pro 

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