As a lifelong 49ers Fan, I find myself in enemy territory - 12th Man Territory.

Got to hand it to 'Hawks fans - ya'll's are loyal, passionate, and at times, a bit rabid - which is good. Go big or go home right?

So as a Niners fan, it's a bit intimidating to be in a foreign land, but I will persevere.

Divisional Round - Minnesota Vikings v San Francisco 49ers

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It's not that I am NOT open to becoming a Seahawks fan, I just don’t know if I can. After living in Cali for most of my life (I lived in Kansas for a spell, no, I did NOT become a  Chiefs fan), so you could say I have Niner blood coursing through my veins.

I mean, I am open to the idea. I live here now, when in Rome, right? Or is it that simple?

I love Jerry Seinfeld’s take on this. He says players come and go as they get traded and play elsewhere. His point is since this happens a lot, ultimately, we are not cheering our favorite player, as much as we are rooting for the uniform or as he calls it, "rooting for laundry". Brilliant.

I am open to being converted or at the very least become a second tier fan (if that's possible with The 12th Man theory) if that is allowed or even possible.

So, why should I become a Seahawks Fan? Is it proximity? Location? I know the team represents more than the state and region. The Seahawks represent a fierce independence. A tough, blue collar every man/woman attitude. I like that. But that alone is not enough to win me over. I need more.

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks

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What are some good reasons to "jump ship" and become part of the 12th Man? Do you know someone who was won over? What did that look like? How did that unfold? Were there fisticuffs? We're there hugs? Is there an initiation? Are there meetings?

I am open to the idea. I hope to have some of this settled once the Niners play the Seahawks later this year in Seattle on Nov. 11th. That will be an interesting day.

Until then, I have to say it - GO NINERS!

All My Best,

The JimShow

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