It's National Pie Day. When I think of pie, I think of my grandma standing in her kitchen rolling out the pie crust. Carefully placing it in the pie dish, pinching the edges all the way around perfectly. Pouring the red cherry mixture into the crust. Covering the cherry mixture with the top layer of crust. Repeating the pinching of the top layer just like the bottom. Cutting slits into the top layer of crust. She told me she did this so that the pie could breath.

I would sit in the kitchen as the smell of the baking pie would make my mouth drool. I would wait impatiently for it to finish baking.

Of course, my grandma would make me wait until the pie had some time to "settle." That way it wasn't runny when we cut into it. This seemed like torture, but once my grandma cut me a piece of that cherry pie it was a slice of heaven!

My grandma passed away several years ago, and to this day I crave that homemade cherry pie like she would make me.

So, in honor of National Pie Day I thought I might try to find someplace in Yakima where I can find a homemade cherry pie like my grandma made. Not store bought, homemade.

Is there such a place? Where can I find a homemade cherry pie in Yakima?

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