It seems we have more and more violence all over the U.S. How does Washington state's risk compare to the rest of the country, and how will we do in the future? Let's find out.

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According to SOS:

By 2030, Washington is likely to see close to a 7% increase in violent crimes from 302 per capita in 2016, but a 29% increase in hate crimes--from one of the highest in the nation--after adjusting for changes in population. Sadly, it’s been down this road before and seen the deadly aftermath. In Seattle in 2006, Kyle Aaron Huff committed the Capitol Hill massacre at a rave, shooting and killing six people. The state also experienced the Wah Mee Massacre in 1983 when a man shot and killed fourteen people in Seattle.

Although Washington might not be as bad as some states like California, Illinois, New Mexico and (of all places) South Dakota, Washington could still do its part and get into that lower tier.

You can see more via Safe on Scene.

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