It seems like all of my friends in Yakima are buying Amazon Echos. I'm starting to think I just might be the last person in town without one!

For instance, Jessica, a friend of mine in Selah, had a Halloween party, and while us ladies were hanging out in the dining room, we heard her father-in-law in the living room yelling out, "Alexa, play 'Disco Duck'!" We all burst into laughter!

Even before the Halloween party, I was hanging out at a dinner party with my friends Kim and Ralph. I noticed that they had a brand new Amazon Echo sitting on a shelf, still unopened in the box. I asked them about it and they said one of their dogs won it as a prize in a recent silent auction!

I'm telling you, these Echos are popping up all over the place! I need to get one so that I can get in on the "Alexa" fun, too!

Although, knowing how I'm still new to this "Ask Alexa" thing, I'll probably slip up and accidentally call her by the wrong name.

"Allegra! Play MEGA 99.3!"

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