Michele and I have joked about the use of Amazon Echo's Alexa with my kids (5 & 2).  If I don't want to read a book, I'd just ask Alexa to read the book, or ask Alexa to help my daughter with her spelling.  It was just a running joke.  Apparently the folks at Amazon were either listening to us and thought it was a great idea, or it's coincidental... I'm putting my money on the latter lol.

Amazon just announced a new Echo Dot KIDS Edition. It does stuff like read books and play music. And there's even an option where it won't respond unless they say "please" first. It starts shipping on May 9th and costs $80, which is $30 more than the regular Echo Dot. But it comes in a kid-friendly case, so it's harder for them to break it.

Apparently the device will activate and entertain when a kid says "Alexa, I'm bored".  Nice.

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