The other day, I was having a REALLY bad morning.

I spilled the hamster food all over the carpet. I was running very late for work. My mom told me she was coming to visit Yakima a whole TWO days earlier than she was supposed to and my house is a complete wreck. I lost a side gig that paid me about $200 dollars a month. My checking account was in the red for about sixteen dollars! The principal's office called. The system crashed at work. Then I found out that I had ticked off a friend over something trivial (we finally worked everything out the misunderstanding, thank goodness).

The MESS had hit the fan!

Out of nowhere, the song, Masquerade, came to my mind and I started singing it. It immediately calmed me down and made me giggle when I heard my horrible opera voice.

There's something about hearing the right music that soothes the soul. A recent survey from Rescue Remedy just put out a list of songs that generally put people in a great mood.

Another song that calms me down, almost instantly is "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits.

Weird, right?

What song calms you down?

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