I am always looking out for my next big "moneymaking scheme!" Normal people call this their "side hustle" or "side gig," but not me.

People (like my parents) have been doing side hustles since the late '80s and '90s with companies like Avon and Mary Kay and AMWAY! Remember those days?

When I first got my side hustle on, I started out with Pampered Chef, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I only made it through two parties and a handful of team meetings. Right after hosting my second Pampered Chef party, I was bored with all the "hustling" to get people to host a party. I ended up canceling all my orders and giving my customers their money back. I was OVER. IT.

Then I tried Younique beauty products. I just KNEW that I was going to become a multi-thousandaire, but alas, I quickly realized that nearly 80 percent of my friends were also Younique beauty consultants! I only had two customers, and one of them was me! That beauty dream went up in flames.

I know for a fact that I'm not the only one trying to make it big with the next money making scheme, after all, who here hasn't declined one of those Facebook invites to one of your friends "side hustle" groups? I was guilty of adding you to my side hustle group without your consent, so I totally understand the passion behind those invites. These days, however, I'm just like, "Oh boy, not another one. Miss me with that mess!"

These days, women are trying their damndest to capitalize on your cash with schemes such as those Body Wraps, anti-aging Rodan+Fields cremes, Stella & Dot jewelry, and expensive Lulu Lemon yoga underwear!  The latest craze is to host wine tasting parties so that the hostess can buy up a bunch of cases of over-priced wine.

Now I'm trying out the Teespring fad. So far, I am my biggest customer, so let's see if anyone (besides myself) wants to purchase something from my online custom-designed t-shirt and coffee mug store, "Reesha's Pieces"!

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