I heard these were coming out but didn't know they'd be out so soon. I spotted this shiny pink packaging a mile away and had to at least check them out.

Upon opening the package, you're greeted with these neat pink cookies filled with green icing. You get a slight waft of sweetness. Nothing too crazy like what cotton candy does to your senses but something to let you know these aren't your ordinary average Oreo cookies.

My first bite had me think of several things all at once. vanilla frosting? cookie batter? Naw, it was something more unique than that. A familiar flavor. That's when it hit me.

Frosted animal cookies. These Oreos taste like those frosted animal cookies, only the frosting is on the inside.

I'm sure you have your own theories of what this flavor could be, but that's what these taste like to me and I'm all for it.

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